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Cargo Motors (Punjab) Pvt. Ltd. A Dealer for Honda Motorcycle & Scooters (India) Pvt. Ltd., (HMSI) in Jalandhar &  Nawanshahr with Service Centres at Phagwara & Bhogpur  in the state of Punjab.
Cargo Motors (Rajasthan) Pvt. Ltd., has recently been awarded the Tata Dealership in the districts of Ajmer, Bhilwara & Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.
Cargo Construction Company Pvt. Ltd., is a Dealer for Telco Construction Equipment Company Limited (Telcon),  manufacturers  of  Excavators and  other  Construction  Equip- ments  for  Northern  India  such  as  Delhi,  UP (Ghaziabad & Noida),  Haryana. The Company owns property at Goa known as DECIMO QUINTO LANCO PRAIAS, situated at Varca, District of south Goa, in the State of Goa, measuring 43950 sq. metres and 2700 sq. metres. The Company also owns developed land measuring 3555.55 Sq. Yards in Baroda (Gujarat).
Karriers Finance Private Limited, (NBFC Registered with Reserve Bank of India) a Company incorporated in 1955 and engaged in the business of Leasing, Financing & Hire Purchase of all types of Motor Vehicles in the State of Delhi, Punjab and Gujarat.
Gurind Glass Pvt. Ltd., is a JV Company and engaged in the business of Manufactures, processors, designers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, Traders, Agents & Dealers in all types of bevelled and unlevelled silver sheets, float and plate glass lead mirror, gold mirror, curved and laminated glass, safety glass, fibre glass, sheet glass, decorative glass and all other types of glass products and glass wares.  The Company is having its own Plant at kalaamb, Himachal Pradesh.
Gurind Systems Pvt. Ltd., is a JV Company and engaged in the business of manufactures and dealers in all kinds of systems of hosiery machinery, components, mills, handlooms, power looms, cotton ginning and pressing machinery.  The company shall set up a plant to manufacture aluminium composite panels for architectural and construction industry in kalaamb, Himachal Pradesh.
CMPL(Transporation & Logistic Divison) Cargo Motors has become one of the most sought after Transportation & Logistics companies in India. The fact is well endorsed by the customers nationally. With a fleet of more than 270 vehicles including trucks, trailers, 32’ft containers & LCVs and with a network of warehouses in major cities in India, Cargo Motors offers a truly integrated  bouquet of total Logistics Services to its customers.
Cargo Motors has set internal quality parameters in the form of a quality policy which ensures that each member of the Cargo Motors family imbibes the quality elements and complies with the set quality norms. The internal processes are designed as per the quality parameters. Even our drivers are ensured to be compliant with the norms set forth for safety, security and quality. The processes are thoroughly monitored and regularly audited.


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